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This template is used to mark sections or pages that are going under large reconstruction. This alerts other editors to leave small issues be as they will be fixed by the user carrying out the edit, this in turn prevents edit conflicts.


The template has two main parameters:

  • Parameter 1 is used to specify if you are editing a page or a section.
  • time is used to set the time when you added the template.


The below in an example of the use of both parameters. Neither is required and can be removed. It is however suggested that you include a time in order for other editors to understand the tag.

{{In use|section|time=March 2013}}

This page is actively undergoing a major edit for a short while.
To help avoid edit conflicts, please do not edit this section while this message is displayed.
This message was added at March 2013. This page was last revised at 10:47, 17 červenec 2017 (UTC). Please remove this notice if this page hasn't been edited in several hours. If you are the editor who added this notice, please be sure to remove it after editing sessions.