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This template displays hunger points and visualizes these with the help of a hunger bar.

For a more compact display, all hunger point values above 20 (10 shanks) are replaced by Hunger (icon).png × [hunger / 2].

Parameter Function Default value
1 Amount of icons to show. 0
2 Size of icons. 9px
poisoned Show yellow-green hunger icons. 0
notag Remove number and parenthesis. 0
Code Result
{{hunger}} 0 (Empty Hunger (icon).png)
{{hunger|0}} 0 (Empty Hunger (icon).png)
{{hunger|4}} 4 (Hunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).png)
{{hunger|7|poisoned=1}} 7 (Half Poisoned Hunger (icon).pngPoisoned Hunger (icon).pngPoisoned Hunger (icon).pngPoisoned Hunger (icon).png)
{{hunger|4|18px}} 4 (Hunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).png)
{{hunger|20|notag=1}} Hunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).png
{{hunger|26|notag=1}} Hunger (icon).png × 13
{{hunger|20}} 20 (Hunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).pngHunger (icon).png)
{{hunger|24}} 24 (Hunger (icon).png × 12)
{{hunger|41}} 41 (Hunger (icon).png × 20.5)
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